Undecided voter watches first debate with interest

Undecided voter watches first debate with interest

Ann Brundage is a teacher at Blair Elementary School, and if you believe the polls, one of the few undecided voters left in North Carolina.

She went into the debate with an open mind, but had differing first impressions of the candidates upon watching the debate.

"You can tell the President's got some confidence going on there.  He's got the look," says Brundage about President Bush.

She feels Senator John Kerry is "definitely a politician. You know he weighs and measures.  He's ready; he's got the canned statements."

Brundage had worried that the debate would just be a bunch of barbs thrown back forth, but she was pleased about the substantive debate about the War in Iraq. 


This is definitely one of the big issues.  You know,  I can see why it's in the foreground of this debate.  So yeah, I think they're hashing some things out here."
However, after 90 minutes of debate, she still wants to learn more about the candidates before making her ultimate decision.

Reported by: Samuel King