EXCLUSIVE: 911 calls, police radio traffic reveal new details about deputy shooting

Detective Michael Spencer was shot in Creekwood.
Detective Michael Spencer was shot in Creekwood.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – WECT has obtained recordings of the police radio traffic and 911 calls from when a sheriff's deputy was shot and when, subsequently, the suspect was shot and killed by officers.

The recordings are giving us a better understanding of what happened in both cases. However, there are still many unanswered questions.

Detective Michael Spencer was shot in the leg while last Thursday when he and a Wilmington Police detective tried to approach Brandon Smith in Creekwood.

Smith reportedly opened fire at the authorities, hitting Spencer.

In one of the recordings, Spencer can be heard reporting that he had been hit by gunfire.

"I've just been shot," he radios in. "I'm in the middle of Creekwood. I need assistance."

The dispatcher asks if he has a suspect description.

Spencer responds, "I can't think about that right now."

He's quite calm, considering what happened.

Several people from Creekwood also called 911 to report that the officer was down, as a Wilmington Police detective returned fire at Smith.

We also obtained the radio traffic from officers when Smith was shot and killed by deputies on Sunday after chasing the car he was inside to Carl Seitter Drive and Fulbright Street.

On that dead end road, investigators said Smith fled into a wooded area, where officials say he was shot.

On the recording, an officer can be heard saying shots were fired. Then, an officer states, "We have contact with the suspect.  We're trying to take him into custody."

A few minutes later, an officer can be heard stating, "Advise EMS. Subject is down. No county injuries at this time."

The recordings reveal it that less than three minutes from the time Smith ran from the car, he was shot dead.

However, the calls don't give us an indication if Smith was armed at the time.

The sheriff's office won't say any more about the case, which has been turned over to the SBI.

The SBI will only say that once the investigation is complete, it will go to the DA for review as usual.

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