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My Turn: Could the 'New American Center' become the next political party?

I'm finding some interesting stuff in a recent Esquire-NBC News survey that relates directly to what is going on in Washington.  It also helps explain why so many people are fed up with their own representatives, even though they may be registered in the same party and very likely voted for them.

It's being called the "New American Center."  And according to the survey, that's where most of us are politically.  In general terms, there are about 51% of us in the center, versus 28% on the right and 21% on the left.

What makes this group interesting to me is that most of them are made up of registered Republicans or Democrats that don't neatly correspond to the ideals of either party.  And collectively, they don't know how influential they can become if they ever got organized.

Could this group become the next large political party?  Sounds like they just need some leadership and a name. 

But here's another thought… if either of our current parties could find the courage to toss their extremists off the bus in favor of a more centrist approach, they just might be able to attract this large group and move America beyond the gridlock.

A guy can dream…can't he?

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I believe that if you get rid of the two party system and everyone runs based on their own beliefs instead of a party platform that our country could move past the childish bickering and get something done.

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