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Your Turn: Adult day services impacted by gov't shutdown

By: Linda Pearce

Elderhaus has provided adult day services for over 32 years. To their credit, the County Commissioners, City of Wilmington and other groups in the community have helped.

Because of the shutdown, we are not being reimbursed from DSS for future care and neither are we going to be reimbursed for September's care, a notification we just received.

Because of this, some DSS families are trying to pay for the service, hopefully temporarily. Others are staying home from work with their family members. This is the second week. This is not good!

There are real live families caught up in this latest political drama. Three participants, under 60, have left the program because of this.

One has cerebral palsy. The other, a stroke victim, has left. Our 101 year old gentleman who lives alone with Elderhaus' help has been placed on another fund which may end the end of October.

Non-profits providing care can do it cheaper than the government, but we need help. Unfortunately, not every family can afford the care.

What are we, as a people, going to do about this growing issue as baby boomers age?

Elderly people have spent their lives working hard for us and deserve to not have to worry about their care. Their families are willing, but can't do it all. Somehow, we all need to quickly figure this out.

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