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My Turn: Using zero-based budgeting to find a solution

I think it's possible our lawmakers in Washington are stumbling onto a financial solution that will help get this country back on track. 

This week, they've spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to fund the essentials.  They've been debating and deciding about what's really necessary and critical to the American public. 

In business, we call it zero-based budgeting.  If you don't really need it or can't make a case for why you should spend the money, it doesn't go in the budget.

Now, I know it's more complicated than that.  But at its core, that's how budgeting should work.  And it's pretty evident it hasn't been taking place in Washington. 

If they were to make spending decisions, especially on the big items, with a simple up or down vote, without attaching anything else that would lead to political maneuvering, don't you think we'd become more fiscally responsible?

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