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Postal worker caught on video driving across front lawn

The video posted on YouTube of a United States Postal worker driving through a LaGrange woman's yard has gone viral.

It's not every day you catch someone in the act doing something at their job they are not supposed to, and that is probably why millions of people have watched the video of a mail worker driving through Vicky Anderson's yard and throwing a package on Anderson's front porch.

"Every time I see it I go, ‘What was she thinking? What was she thinking?' That is not something you do," Anderson said.

But on Oct. 3, that employee did exactly what Anderson said she never expected.

"I am still shocked when I watch the video, she just backhands the package onto the porch," Anderson said.

Little did the mail carrier know, a camera watched her drive down the driveway, turn onto the sidewalk, drive over the grass, open the door of the postal truck, gingerly walk out and toss the package onto the porch.

"She obviously didn't look up because if she had, you would have seen the camera," Anderson said. "You never know who is watching."

Anderson said her son installed the surveillance system that can be viewed wirelessly. When he saw tire marks through the grass, he checked the video and was enraged. The reason to post the video, according to Anderson, wasn't to get the employee in trouble, but for her to learn a lesson.

"I would say please don't do this to anyone again it is wrong," Anderson said. "If you've done it before, you didn't get away with it this time."

In this instance, Anderson said the item being delivered was not fragile. But, her husband orders electronics all the time, and if they had been tossed, she doesn't want to think about what would have happened.

"She got lucky," Anderson said. "There was no damage. But there could have been."

The Postal Service released this statement in regards to the incident.

"The Postal Service sincerely apologizes for the carrier's behavior. This is clearly unacceptable and is being addressed," Michael Miles, a representative with the Postal Service, said.

Anderson said she was told worker has been taken off the route.


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