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Is NCTracks on the right track?

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The progress made in the state's new online Medicaid claim system depends on who you ask.

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has followed NCTracks since it launched 90 days ago. NCMS provides forums and help pages for anyone having issues with the state's new system.

NCMS released a statement Wednesday calling for immediate action to the NCTracks system. It reads in part:

Instead of the system improvements and increased efficiencies that have been promised since July, the same problems continue to impede the ability of physicians to deliver care in the Medicaid program.  Many problems in NCTracks go beyond simple technical glitches, and the medical community is losing confidence in CSC's ability to resolve these problems.  In the meantime, physicians are being forced to choose between risking the future of their clinics and limiting the number of Medicaid patients that they serve.  Something must be done immediately to get NCTracks functioning properly.

Locally, the owner of Oxy-Care Equipment said he's received immediate attention from executives at CSC after our story showed a call center employee hanging up on him.

Clark Robichaux says there haven't been any hang ups since then, because he hasn't spent as much time on the phone asking for answers. Robichaux said the system is improving, but there are still issues with prior approvals.

"It still has a ways to go before having things completely ironed out," he said.

Looking back on our initial story about him, Robichaux said making his frustrations public proved to be a conversation starter for the local and statewide medical community.

"I think it was beneficial," said Robichaux. "We were able to share some of the problems we were having, which gave them some insight."

The Department of Health and Human Services released information explaining NCTracks has processed 49 million claims and paid more than $2.6 billion to North Carolina healthcare providers, since its launch.

A spokesperson for DHHS said Wednesday that technical glitches with the system were made worse by a call center that did not have enough staff to handle a high number of calls.

Staffing has increased since then, according to a news release. Response teams and SWAT teams have also been created to assist with providers making the transition to NCTracks and help with any tech problems.

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