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Now-grown 'Baby Blaine' recovers from copperhead bite


He was once known as Nashville's 'Baby Blaine'. In 1989, infant Blaine Neltner received a liver transplant made possible by money raised by locals, including radio personality Carl P. Mayfield. Last week, the now-grown man's health was in a serious state again after being bitten by a copperhead snake.

"There was just so much force behind it," said Neltner. "It felt like getting punched, really. After it happened, it felt like a really bad bumblebee sting."

Now living in Centerville with his wife and three young girls, Neltner was outside playing with 2-year-old daughter Khloe this month when he was bitten by a copperhead by the house.

"My daughter, she freaked out and started screaming and crying when it bit me," said Neltner. "She told her momma it was a monster. She thought I got bit by a monster."

Neltner's family rushed him to Vanderbilt where he said his fever ran up past 104 degrees.

"After that third day at Vanderbilt, I felt like I was dying," said Neltner. "It was like the worst possible flu you could think of having. It was bad. I couldn't even hold my head up."

After nine days in the hospital, Neltner's back home fully recovered with little ones he proudly calls daddy's girls.

"Now that everything's over and done with, yeah, I'm glad it turned out the way it did," said Neltner.

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