New website lists gun friendly and not gun friendly restaurants

WILMINGTON, NC - (WECT) - The issue of guns in restaurants got more heated recently when Starbucks announced they are asking customers to not bring in guns, however, they say it's voluntary and there is no ban.

Now, one new website is letting people know which restaurants allow guns and which don't. Starting in October, permit holders in North Carolina will be able to bring concealed guns into restaurants that serve alcohol and don't have a sign that says otherwise.

The website lets people know where that is allowed.

"It was a dry hole in this town, there were a lot of people that wanted this information and I got tired of it so I decided to give it to them," explained Trey Lewis.  Lewis is the manager at BullZeye Shooting Sports on Market Street. He's hoping the new site will let people know whether or not they can bring their gun to a restaurant before they leave their home.  He says it will save gun holders time, and prevent them from getting somewhere and having to leave or lock their gun in a car, where Lewis worries it could potentially get stolen.

"What our site does, is it's going to tell you ahead of time where you can and can't go," explained Lewis.

Even though it only went live two days ago, the site already lists several restaurants on it. Moe's and Buffalo Wild Wings are listed as gun friendly and Starbucks and Wild Wing Cafe are listed as not.

The manager at Wild Wing Cafe explains he hopes to create a gun free restaurant for the safety of his patrons, but says he will wait to hear from supervisors before it is enforced.

Lewis says the website will serve everyone, not just gun holders. "You can be antigun and want to stay away from guns and this website will help you too."

He says, most importantly the site will serve as a tool, educating people. "We want people to know what their rights and laws are," explained Lewis. "And then let them make their own informed decision."

The group will hold a meet and greet on Sunday night at Buffalo Wild Wings off of Eastwood Road. Anyone is welcome to go.

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