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What happens when your BAC reaches .35

Krause registered a .35 BAC, according to 911 call notes. (Source: NHC Jail) Krause registered a .35 BAC, according to 911 call notes. (Source: NHC Jail)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Michael Krause, CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority, registered a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) beyond the legal limit the first time police tested him on suspicion of driving while impaired Sunday.

His BAC of .35, according to 911 call notes, is more than four times the .08 limit for drivers in North Carolina. But what does a level that high do to a person's body?

"You wonder how the body can even stand that amount of toxins and poisons," said Dr. Sandy Brannin with Wilmington Health.

Dr. Brannin said a .35 BAC is the equivalent of someone being under general anesthesia before going into surgery. The doctor said she's seen a patient with a .40 BAC that needed a ventilator to breathe.

"At .35 you're lucky to be functioning and even alive," she said.

Police tested Krause's blood alcohol concentration a second and third time roughly 15 – 20 minutes after the first one, according to call notes from the 911 center. Both tests resulted in a .31 BAC.

Even a lower level of .20 is still severe impairment, according to Brannin. She said that's the point when a body begins to stagger and become sick from the toxins.

Brannin stressed even the slightest amount of alcohol causes impairment.

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