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My Turn: The United States can't be the world's police force

The United States sure is in a tough position with Syria.  And I appreciate the fact that there are no easy answers here.  I actually believe our leaders are trying to figure out the right thing to do.  But it's not a black and white issue and if you believe that it is, you're fooling yourself.

But here's my two cents.  I've talked about it before on this segment.  At some point, we have to accept the fact that we can't be the world's police force.  And no other country has appointed us judge and jury for what goes on in their country.

The actions in Syria are appalling.  But punishing them with a limited strike won't solve it.  There are two forces there fighting a civil war.  And choosing sides in past civil wars has only led to heartache and suffering for Americans.

The United States, with its power, needs to keep putting the pressure on the United Nations to do the job it is supposed to be doing.  Let the international community speak with one voice instead of one country trying to step out in front of the rest.    

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Your statement, that WE should not try to police the world; that this an International Decision: is the only Sane Statement that I have heard amid all other opinions. I agree 100%. I believe we should stop sending Foreign Aid to countries, who don't even like us. We need Real Statesmen with a great knowledge of history in politics. Not, lawyers, who bury us in fine print and misrepresent the facts, to achieve their private agendas.

Thank you

God Bless America


Totally agree.  We can't afford it nor support it militarily.  The country is war wiery.


I agree that there are terrible things occurring in Syria but terrible things are happening all over the world. Assisting radical islamists in a civil war that is not our fight would be disastrous for us in the long term. Instead of wasting U.S. money and endangering U.S. lives in Syria, Obama should put the money and resources that would be used in Syria and stop taking lavish family vacations and use it to fight the many wildfires that are engulfing the western part of this country.


I think you are doing a fine job-keep it up. No we can't be the world police force, I've said that for years and we can't win a war and then rebuild the country that we destroyed, doesn't make any sense. We have enough problems over here so lets stay here and take care of it.


The President wants to bomb Syria over the chemical weapons some one used over there.  Is the President absolutely sure the rebels didn't use those weapons themselves in an attempt to get America to help them?  Those people use suicide as a weapon, is it such a far stretch to use chemical weapons on their own people to try to get America to help them?  I don't think so.  Also, what will dropping a few bombs do to help resolve the situation, or to prevent the Syrian government from using everything available to attach any American Embassy or other entity in the region?  My biggest issue, why isn't the U.N. doing something about the situation instead of America.  We need to stop trying to be the world police and force the U.N. to take up that role, after all, isn't it their job to police the world?  Isn't that what they were created for in the first place?

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