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Mini Palooza Cruises to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - More than a hundred Mini Cooper lovers from all over the East coast cruised around our area for the 2013 MiniPalooza.

The cars range in color and style but one thing is the same: these drivers love their minis.

Today's drivers even set a record while on their journey to their final destination, the USS Wilmington.

The Mini lovers set the record for the most number of cars on the ferry-an impressive forty seven mini coopers.

Even though the mini is small in size, driver's say it's a car with a lot of attitude. 

Dawn Gobble Hobacks is a Mini Cooper owner. She says, "it's a fun car, people mistake it for a clown car but it's actually a very serious little car."

Flow Mini of Raleigh hosted a dinner aboard the Battleship after the Mini's made their way through town. 

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