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My Turn: Elected official doesn't show up for veto override vote

Rep. Susi Hamilton (D - New Hanover) Rep. Susi Hamilton (D - New Hanover)

It's back to school time and that means it's also time for the "creative excuses" our children use for trying to stay at home.  What we didn't expect to hear were similar excuses coming from one of our elected representatives.

This week, the North Carolina General Assembly was called back into session to consider veto overrides.

One of the lawmakers from our region didn't show up.  Representative Susi Hamilton got an "excused absence," according to the official record.  But here is the odd thing about this.  We're hearing two different excuses. 

One of our reporters got Hamilton on the phone less than two hours before the vote and she indicated which way she was going to vote.  Then she didn't show.  Her spokesperson called us to say Hamilton had a "constituent obligation" in Wilmington that night.  Then the clerk's office in the General Assembly told us they got word that Hamilton had a stomach bug.

We can't explain the discrepancy here, because Hamilton did not return calls to our newsroom.  Maybe she's gone missing.

Ultimately, Hamilton's vote didn't matter. The votes passed by a comfortable margin.  But it begs the question, if Hamilton's vote didn't matter on these highly publicized issues, should her votes matter at all? 

That will be up to many of us to determine when we vote on that seat next year.

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