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Animal control reminds pet owners of safety in extreme heat


Animal control officers are turning up the heat as the temperatures outside soar. And authorities want to remind pet owners to watch out for your pets or it could cost you.

The high temperature topped out in the mid-90s on Thursday, as the heat index reached triple digits.

"In this type of weather, that could be a death sentence to a dog," said Metro animal control officer Billy Biggs.

Metro animal control uses seven officers to patrol the entire county, and on hot days like Thursday, they are slammed with heat-related calls.

The majority of those calls involve dogs left outside with no food, water or shade.

And if they come knocking on your door, you could be slapped with a fine and end up in court.

Crews were called to a house on Mimosa Road, where Biggs found four dogs locked behind a fence in a yard so overgrown they disappeared in the underbrush.

While the dogs were in pretty good physical condition, all of their water bowls were completely dry, a violation of state law.

Ben Rasmussen lives next door and said he and his mother have called animal control on the owners nearly half a dozen times over the years.

"He really needs some shelter out in this heat," Rasmussen said.

In this case, the owner was only given a verbal warning, but the next time could be different.

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