Stuck in knee deep water; residents asking for help

Some say the water in their yards can be over two feet deep at times.
Some say the water in their yards can be over two feet deep at times.

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WECT) – Flooding is an issue for some people in Boiling Spring Lakes, even on days when it doesn't rain.

Some say the water in their yards can be over two feet deep at times.

This is happening along Crab Apple Road, Redwood Road and Holly Road.

Residents say they're tired of pumping water and want something to be done about the problem.

Ricky Rigg and his wife, Zelma have lived off of Holly Road for five years, watching the flooding get worse and worse. They say they've had problems with flooding all summer long, and the city won't do anything to help them out.

"We've had our septic tank pumped three times because it got flooded," said Rigg. "It's not fair to me or anyone else."

Some parts of town are so bad, lily pads are actually blooming, but not in Zelma's garden. The wet ground makes it impossible to grow.

"The plants were looking pretty," said Zelma Rigg. "Now, they're non existent."

Rickey is retired now, but these days, he has a new job – pumping water out of his yard, and money out of his own pocket to pay for it.

"When you have this problem, it's hard to have people visit you because you're busy pumping water everyday," said Rigg.

The city will help pump water off the streets, but when it comes to private property, the homeowners are on their own.

"I know this problem can be fixed, I just need council to appropriate the money to fix it," said Rigg. "It doesn't make me feel good because I hate to see my tax money not being used for what it's supposed to and people getting large salaries for not doing anything."

The city manager says the problem is the shape of the land -- nearby hills make the area vulnerable to extreme flooding.

Community members have gathered about 70 signatures on a petition. They're hoping that city council will set up a workshop to discuss the problem at their next meeting in September.

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