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My Turn: Drivers pay attention - it's back to school time

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I'm not taking a stand on any controversial topic with today's segment. I'm just here to talk about common sense.

Thousands of area school children are heading back to traditional schools in the coming days. That means the potential for bad things will increase.

Drivers… please be careful in school zones and near school buses. We know children are unpredictable at times. Drive safely around bus stops. Do not pass a parked school bus with a stop sign extended and always keep an eye out for the occasional child darting across the street.

Click here for a diagram with specific details about when to stop for a school bus in various road situations.

I think we can all get behind this opinion. If we all stay a little more aware of our surroundings, especially as we get used to the extra school traffic, we can help prevent tragedy.

And I really hope you and your children enjoy another fantastic school year.

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