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Audit leads to shake up in building inspector's office

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A new building inspector plans on making changes to old problems after a recent audit by the North Carolina Department of Insurance found Brunswick County revealed some major deficiencies within its department.

The audit listed a total eight deficiencies in the office. The new chief inspector, Reggie Hucks, says many of those problems came from prior record keeping and documentation.

For example, Hucks says the former Chief Building Inspector, Elmer Aycock, signed off on paperwork without having all the necessary qualifications.

"He had some qualifications lacking. He was probably getting someone to look at drawings that were qualified but it wasn't being documented properly," said Hucks.

Since he started working two months ago, Hucks says his immediate goal is to store documents and records electronically – which wasn't always done in the past.

Hucks also wants to make sure that all his employees have the proper certification when inspecting a new building. He says those were two of the main problems that led to the results of the recent audit.

Hucks says it may surprise some, but building inspection officers play a very important role in keeping the community safe.

"When a fireman goes by in a fire truck with the engine going, you see the man doing his job and you say, ‘Wow! There's a fireman saving lives,'" said Hucks. "Well, we have a big role in life safety as well in building inspection but when it's done correctly nothing happens and that's where we want to be."

Hucks says the ultimate goal is to have a comprehensive electronic plan for record keeping that will make the department more transparent over the internet -- allowing the public to keep track of inspections online.

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