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Local football coaches preaching safe practice

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Coaches at this year's annual BB&T Jamboree are teaching players how to avoid serious head injuries.

Brandon Shepherd, a Jacksonville High School athletic trainer, said his team teaches players the right way to safely make tackles.

"Preseason, we have a conference with the players and their parents and we talk about proper ways of hitting techniques," said Shepherd.  "Making sure you hit with your shoulders.  You have your head up. You see what you're hitting." 

Shepherd said this is not the only precaution the team takes.

"From an equipment standpoint, we make sure everything is properly fitted," he said.

Breck Culler was at the Jamboree to watch his son, a middle linebacker for Laney High School.  Culler agreed that local coaches are doing a good job instructing players safely and properly.

"The best thing their doing now, is they are addressing it early and these kids are learning how to tackle," said Culler.

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