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Bed bugs booming in Wilmington

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Experts say the bed bug population in Wilmington is growing each year. Experts say the bed bug population in Wilmington is growing each year.
Remember to check furniture and luggage for bed bugs. Remember to check furniture and luggage for bed bugs.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Some creepy crawlers are taking over the Town of Wilmington. Experts say the bed bug population is booming due to increased traveling that occurs during the summertime.

The bugs can sneak into clothes, bags, and furniture, and travel along with you and your family.

One bug expert says the state of North Carolina doesn't track the number of bed bug reports, but they have gotten a lot of phone calls about bed bugs in the area. Dr. Jung Kim says the numbers are higher this year compared to last year.

Kim says the best thing for people to do is to learn more about the little pests and how to get rid of them for good. To visit Dr. Kim's blog about bed bugs, click here.

Stan Hollingsworth owns Bug-N-A-Rug, an extermination company in Wilmington. He took us along to see how his crews handle a house full of bugs. The answer is heat. A process called thermal remediation heats the entire house to above 150 degrees, killing the bed bugs in just one day.

"Bed bugs hide so well," said Hollingsworth. "There's just no way to do a thorough liquid chemical check and hit every crack."

Hollingsworth says the more people travel, the higher the chances they'll bring home bed bugs.

"Travel worldwide is up over the past two years and that helps spread them," said Hollingsworth. "You go on a nice vacation and you pick up one bug and bring it back home and that's how it all gets started."

Experts say that bed bugs don't carry any diseases but they do feed on human blood. There are ways to keep them away.

"Just being careful as to where you put your suitcase when you travel," said Hollingsworth. "Plus, kids. They can get on kids and in their book bags and travel through the school. You just need to have an overall knowledge and be aware and do a thorough inspection before you spend any money with a good flashlight."

For more information on Bug-N-A-Rug and the services they provide, click here.

For more information on the health impacts related to bed bugs, click here.

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