Man caught after bizarre chase in Hampstead

A man is recovering after a bizarre chase in the Hampstead area.

It started when Pender County sheriff's deputies were trying to serve a warrant on a New Hanover County man for a felony rape charge.

The man, Jeffery Martin, was working on the roof of a house on Kings Landing Road near Hampstead.

Martin and Deputy Mike Curley struggled.  Officials say Martin hit Curley with a hammer.  Phillip Wallwork was a witness.  "The guy tried to throw his key in and take off.  The cops told him to stop.  The guy just backed up and hit that other truck, the green truck and sped off."

Curley shot two of Martin's tires, but Martin was able to head down Olde Point Road.  There, deputies say Martin abandoned the truck, ran into someone's yard, stole a kayak and started paddling across the Intracoastal Waterway.

The owner of the kayak, Tim Gallivan, saw him and chased him in a boat.  "The sheriff was already there and he yelled at me not to do it.  I'm not going to let my kayak disappear, and I'm not going to get close to the bad guy either."

A fleet of boats and even an airplane followed him, as officers on land stood by.  Since Martin was in a kayak and not a motorboat, he couldn't go too far.  Sheriff Carson Smith says, "He was laying beside the kayak down in a small tributary in a salt marsh, as we approached him, he didn't move. Officers approached him and found what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds to both wrists."

Martin was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he was listed in good condition.

He faces a long list of charges, including resisting arrest and assault on an officer.

Reported by Samuel King