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Breakdown on Swanton school levy rejection

SWANTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Voters in about a third of Ohio's counties have results in for special elections. The Ohio Secretary of State Office says there are about 28 issues total across 23 counties. Of those, 19 are school issues. Swanton was just one local district that had a levy on the ballot, which was rejected Tuesday night.

Toledo News Now's Amanda St. Hilaire was able to breakdown the numbers Wednesday on Your Morning.

The 35-year, 3.9 mill bond was on the ballot to raise money for construction of a new pre-k through 6th grade building. School board members say passing the levy would allow them to take advantage of the state's offer to fund part of the project. The second part of the levy was a .5 mill continuing maintenance bond.

In Fulton County, more than 55 percent of voters said no to the levy. In Lucas County, 79 percent of voters rejected the levy.

People on both sides of the issue reached out to the community online. A Facebook page designed to support the levy created a video urging people to vote yes. They say the district's buildings are outdated and that the levy is an opportunity to use state dollars to help fund new facilities.

A tea party website was created to get voters to reject the levy. It says the school board hasn't proven the need for new buildings, and that taxpayers are still paying for other renovations in the district.

Now that the levy has been rejected for a second time, the state's offer to help fund the project is expired. Voters will not be paying the $9 per month for every $100,000 in home value.

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