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Metro water customer says meter switch led to trouble


Nashville residents can expect a change in their water meters. Metro Water Services is switching out the old-fashioned meters that need to be checked once a month in favor of a more high-tech version.

And in one neighborhood where the change has already been made, one utility customer says the switch to a new meter affected his pipes.

The water at Jerry Head's house has been off for a week.

"As you can see, we still have nothing and that is the whole house," Head said, turning a faucet at the Old Hickory home he rents.

Metro water crews have been working all over Head's neighborhood, making the upgrades to meters. When he thought something was wrong, he called them back to his house.

"They pulled the meter, made sure there was water from the street, put the meter back and said it was not our problem and that we needed to call a plumber," Head said.

The plumber found the pipes between the meter and his house were clogged so badly they needed to be replaced, Head said, and that Metro may have triggered it.

Cutting the water and turning it back on most likely pushed old buildup inside the pipe, and the repair job could cost about $1,000 to fix.

Head thought Metro might foot the bill, but he was wrong.

"From the road to the meter is Metro Water Services' responsibility. From the edge of the meter to the home is property owner's responsibility," said Metro Water Services spokeswoman Sonia Harvat.

Harvat says these type of clogs are common with old galvanized pipes.

"Any change in pressure can knock any rust particles loose," she said.

And if your pipes are that old, replacing the lines is really the only thing you can do, Harvat said.

In the meantime, a neighbor is helping Head keep the water flowing by stretching a garden hose over to his home until the problem gets fixed.

And Head says he wants people to know what could happen.

"If you see them out there working, to investigate the situation. And if you can catch them out there, tell them not to turn the water off until you can see what's going on on your side," Head said.

Metro Water Services says it has upgraded all water lines to prevent future back-ups in neighborhoods.

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