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Police chief hopes reward money will encourage witnesses to testify

CHADBOURN, NC (WECT) – Officers with the Chadbourn Police Department were banking on reward money to help solve some crimes, but so far the cash incentive isn't paying off.

Council members set aside $5,000 in March for police to use as motivation for people to call in tips that could help solve crimes.

According to the police chief in Chadbourn, the money isn't helping, so he wants to remind the community it's available. There's a $500 maximum in regards to how much a citizen can receive.

Chief Steven Shaw said there have been several break-ins and witnesses aren't cooperating out of fear of getting involved.

"If someone tells me, for instance, John Smith broke into a house, that's fine and well," explained Shaw. "But if I can't get that person to go to court and testify as an eyewitness, it's no more than hearsay."

Shaw hopes the financial reward will help encourage witnesses to testify in court.

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