Crews work to pick up hurricane debris

Brunswick County crews have started the long-delayed process of picking up debris left by Hurricane Charley.  In Wilmington, workers were on the job again Tuesday, but it's slow going.

Three weeks after the storm, crews are still scraping roads and clearing yards.  Many Wilmington residents feel the cleanup is taking way too long.

Patt Mason says while she's grateful the workers are in her neighborhood, the debris has been more than just an eye sore.  "It's just unsightly and dangerous in the neighborhood, with our road being so close to the sidewalk and a lot of people run and walk the dogs and take their children out.  It causes a little bit of concern."

City Council member Jason Thompson says its been a slow process because the storm was too small to attract enough contractors, leaving the city with more than it can handle.  He assures residents they are working as quickly as possible.

Since the cleanup began, the recycling facility off Sunnyvail Road has received more than 32 million pounds of debris.  That's enough to cover 110 football fields.

The city estimates less than half the job is done.

Reported by Ashley Hayes