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Mt. Juliet police wrangle escaped pot-bellied pig


It was a call Mount Juliet police probably won't soon forget - a pig running loose near traffic had drivers calling 911 on Wednesday.

Who knows why the pig named Ham went on the lam. Maybe it was the pressure of being a new father of six piglets, or maybe - as his owner suggested - it really was his aboriginal spirit.

"Good morning," one driver said in a 911 call. "We just drove on West Division Street, and there is a small pig loose along the highway there. He's a very small pig. It's almost a piglet, a little larger than a piglet."

Officer Mike Wentzell got the call.

"It was a call of a loose pig on West Division Street in Mt. Juliet," Wentzell said.

Animal Control wasn't available, so with no other option, Wentzell waited and watched as Ham simply grazed.

"Wanted to make sure it wasn't going to get struck by passing traffic," Wentzell said.

Soon enough, the owners arrived and carted Ham back home, where he enjoys an occasional dip in the swimming pool.

His family did more than laugh about the big pig's big adventure.

They also said thank you to a police department that takes its mission pretty seriously.

"It's our job to protect and serve, and today it was serving. We served this family by reuniting them with their pig," Wentzell said. "And we protected the pig."

Ham has a wife named Eggs. She tends to stay closer to home with the pair's six piglets.

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