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Prosecutors put suspected pimp behind bars

Kalmeaice Williams (Source: New Hanover County Jail) Kalmeaice Williams (Source: New Hanover County Jail)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Prosecutors say a man sentenced for habitual assault and kidnapping in the city of Wilmington will spend more time in jail because he is a pimp with a long criminal history.

A jury convicted Kalmeaice Williams and a judge sentenced him to roughly three years in custody, according to District Attorney Ben David. The DA said Williams has  nine previous convictions, making him a habitual offender, which increased his sentence. If those priors weren't taken into account, Williams would have only faced six months behind bars.

"We're happy with that sentence because it gives the women of the world a three year break from him," he said.

Williams' first assault charge dates back to 1994. His most recent arrested happened in October 2012 after someone spotted Williams assaulting a woman and dragging her into a house on South Seventh Street. David said the charges of assault and kidnapping do not tell the complete story of Williams.

"If you look at his priors, he is a pimp," David said. "He is someone who is trafficking humans."

The woman being attacked by Williams turned out to be his prostitute, according to David. He said the woman testified against him in court, which helped to convict him. David also credits the initial 911 calls when neighbors reported the incident with Williams and his prostitute.

"Making that first initial contact with law enforcement can be so important to breaking this cycle of abuse, and that's exactly what happened here," said David.

Prosecutors did not file charges against the prostitute in this case, because David said the focus is on the one in control of the sex trafficking. He said some are enslaved and held against their will in the sex trade, so there's no need to punish them further.

Still, the prosecutors at the District Attorney's office have more sex trafficking cases to consider, according to David.

"Dealing drugs is bad," he said. "But dealing human beings is worse."

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