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Filing deadline ends; OKI Mayoral race heats up

OAK ISLAND, NC (WECT) – It's time for the political season to begin. The filing period ended at noon on Friday. One of the more interesting races this year is the Oak Island mayoral race.

Incumbent Mayor Betty Wallace is facing three challengers this year.

Steve Isley Jr. is the General Manager at Oak Island Golf and Country Club.

Scott Coe is a sub-contractor who has lived in Oak Island for 10 years.

Charles Warren, a former County Commissioner who lost his race for re-election last year, is also running for the seat.

Warren clashed with other board members in the past. On Friday, when we asked Mayor Wallace about her opinion of challenger Charles Warren, Mayor Wallace said:

"The only other person running for Mayor who has served on a board in the past has had some controversy and some issues with his service in those positions," said Wallace. "I would be concerned that we may have some of that controversy brought to Oak Island if he was elected."

We reached out to Warren, but he declined to comment.

We also reached out to the other two candidates. Isley Jr. has not yet responded, but we spoke to Scott Coe, who says the town's morale is at an all time low. He questioned Wallace's leadership qualities.

We will continue to follow this race closely between now and November.

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