Community urged to be on the lookout

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Residents of the Carleton Place neighborhood near UNCW were put on alert this week.

Residents said they received precautionary flyers that urged them to be on the lookout for a suspicious vehicle in the area.

The flyers state that the suspicious vehicle was a white cargo van with a female driver and multiple male passengers.

According to representatives from the Carleton Place Home Owner's Association, the flyers were sent out after forced entries were reported in the nearby Ashton Place community a few weeks ago.

People living in Carleton Place are taking extra precautions with home safety since receiving the flyers.

"Actually every night since then I've dead-bolted my door, locked it and checked it," said Lindsey Hartrey, a Carleton Place resident.  "I leave a light on outside.  I don't know, it just keeps you on your toes."

Wilmington Police are currently looking into forced entries in the area.

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