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Thursday Afternoon Update

Widespread Wind Damage Yesterday:  We received reports from all over the area of wind damage (mostly downed trees) due to the storms which rolled through late yesterday afternoon.  Along with the destructive wind, some reports of marble-size and even egg-size to golf-ball size hail were taken.  More heavy rain came down in quite a few areas as well.

Not as Stormy Today:  While we expect some spotty storms this afternoon and evening, the ingredients aren't quite as primed for severe storms today.  At the very least, storms won't be nearly as widespread.  Still, we'll all have to keep a close eye on the potential for a few strong or severe storms later this afternoon and continuing into this evening. 

Also, any storm that develops won't be moving much.  Instead, storm movement will be more of a drifting motion from one spot to another.  This means that underneath any thunderstorm, a lot of rain will fall in a short period of time.



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