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My Turn: Zimmerman verdict stirs up controversy

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We pretty much knew what was going to happen once the jury in the George Zimmerman case reached a not guilty verdict.  And if the case would have gone the other way, there would have been another group just as equally upset.  The only difference would be the manner of their protests.  The other group would have been less visible and resorted to nasty emails and hateful discussions among themselves.

Because people like to share their opinions with me, I hear from those on both sides of the groups that can't look at this any other way than being a black and white issue.  And it's disheartening. 

Now, I do think the vast majority of Americans have moved to the right place on racial diversity.  But if you plotted it on a bell shaped curve, you'd still have a small percentage of people on each end of the graph who refuse to budge.

Garth Brooks and Stephanie Davis wrote a song in 1992 called We Shall Be Free.  There are a couple lines in that song that says, "When the last thing we notice is the color of skin and when there's only one race and that's mankind, then we shall be free."

This tragic death in Florida serves as a big reminder for me that we still have a long way to go on this issue.

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Emailed response from viewers:

With the "Not Guilty" verdict now being history, I agree with you knowing what the aftermath would be. We knew there would be protests, violence, looting, and vandalism given the nature of the tragic event. It was not, from all that was said in trial and with the FBI report,  a racially motivated event. But we were led to believe from the NAACP, Al Sharpton, MSNBC with the other left leaning media, and now our AG Eric Holder, that it was a racially motivated event. In my opinion the racial profiling is on the other foot, because if it had been the other way around, you wouldn't have heard a word from any of those I previously mentioned.


It really doesn't matter what color either of these people were, purple/red, whatever.  What if this was your child?  Or someone you knew?  The punk may have been bad but that doesn't excuse a grown man who wanted to be a cop shooting him!  For reals, think about it - what if Trayvon was your child?  Corollary to Peyton Strickland - he may have done something wrong but justice is not up to us . . .

And NO ONE should be allowed to be judge and jury in the moment.  If Trayvon were convicted of something then his parents could visit him and maybe he would have got a certain number of years, but Zimmerman was NOT entitled to decide!


The whole issue is right or wrong on breaking the law. He was not the police neither was he in danger, so his actions were not needed to take a child's life.


I don't see this case as a black/white or any skin tone issue. I see it as a life issue. A life was taken, that's the issue. I wonder what the reaction would have been if it was a black man and a white teenager; or a black man and a black teenager, or white and white, or any other combination. Do black people only care when black lives are taken and only then if a white person took it? I pray that we stop concerning ourselves with skin tones and start caring about human lives.


America missed the total point on the verdict re:Zimmerman/Martin case.

If every defendant is expected to be found guilty by any jury, then we can abolish the jury system and the total justice system.  Commit a crime or be charged with a crime, then you are guilty, period.  Many defendants have been acquitted of crimes.  So this defendant was acquitted.   Some win, and some lose.
Reverse:  O. J. Simpson was acquitted, too.   Did American stage rallies asking for reversal of verdict?

Let's drop the hype and foolish actions.  G. Zimmerman cannot walk the streets now as a free man.   He will have to change identity and looks.

America is ridiculed by the action of our stupid n---er president.  He is not the justice department and has no business commenting on the event, whatever.

Now action is demanded by the justice department.  Why?  The jury has spoken - case closed!!!!! 

The justice deprt wants us to keep the case "OPEN"?????for review????  What is their business??????

America is falling like the Roman Empire has, and the Greek empire has.
When and where do you comment on listeners' comments?   We always see and hear you with your comments but never with listeners' comments.


The only problem I have with this whole media circus is simply this, how can this be a racial problem?  What I mean by this is, black vs white.  Isn't Mr. Zimmerman Hispanic?  At least that what we are told until civil rights are involved. 

None of us were there on that night and we may never know the whole story.  It is a tragedy on both parts.

Again, I think everone should understand that if this is racial, why is it black on white.

Also, I think it is important that we remember the young lady from UNC that was killed not too many years ago and also the young mother from Elizabethtown that was killed recently in Raleigh.  Where is the outrage for these two crimes?

I completely understand that the Zimmerman tragedy is unrelated to the other two, due to the circumstances surrounding it, however, the two ladies that were mentioned previously were targeted due to their race and sex.  Where is the outrage?  If there were to be marches for these two crimes in the streets by whites and others, then again, they would be considered racists for doing so.  

It's long time that we realize that there will always be racial strife in our country, there always has been.  We just need the media not to focus on it so much, which in turn, fuels the fire.

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