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Veterans group helps Hawkins veteran get electricity

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A disabled East Texas veteran is finally able to turn on his lights and take a hot shower tonight.

40-year-old Quinton Gushwa has lived a spartan existence, with no water of electricity at his Hawkins home for a year.

"I bring in water, and I had a generator out here for a while but it conked out. I adapt to it," he says.

"He has no utilities, no power, no electricity. Right now he doesn't have running water," says concerned East Texan Wendy Hudson.

The problem was his original power pole, which the power company said had to be replaced.

"They told me the pole was leaning and some other problems and I had them fixed for 300 bucks," Quinton says.

The power company deemed that pole unacceptable. Members of the non-profit organization "Veterans Act Of Kindness" intervened.

"I feel anger and frustration, because our soldiers go and fight for our freedom and to keep our country safe and they don't get the respect they deserve," says Regina Darby of "Veteran Act Of Kindness."

'How can this have taken so long? After he's served his country and all that he's done, how can a business or organization or resources program not notice this and say this man needs help," Hudson says.

After getting donated materials and labor, the pole was replaced.

"I don't hold any bitterness towards them its just the way things turn out," says Quinton.

Finally, after a year, Quinton's lights came back on.

Gushwa is on 100 percent disability from injuries he received during his tour of duty. 

If you know a veteran who needs help, you are encouraged to contact the non-profit organization "Veteran Act of Kindness" on their Facebook page.

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