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Keeping twin trailers out of the city of Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The third requirement of NC DOT's plan to reroute large trucks around the city of Wilmington attracted only a handful of people Monday night.

The first two phases of allowing trucks with twin trailers to take Interstate 140 around Wilmington and onto U.S. 74/76 included a traffic study showing the road can safely accommodate the trucks and a determination of public convenience of the trucks.

The state's Department of Transportation already found both requirements to have been met, leaving a public hearing as the final step of the process.

But that's where some folks questioned the department's work up until this point.  Johnnie Henagan, President of the Sunset Park Neighborhood Association, asked DOT representatives when he'll have the details about the first two phases.

"We have this one opportunity," said Henagan. "We didn't get an opportunity to be in on the determination of whether this is feasible, necessary, or wanted."

Henegan's wife spoke out against the proposal as well, sharing her frustration with what she considered inadequate advertising for the public hearing.

Wilmington City Council member Laura Padgett said the city's Metropolitan Planning Organization initially supported the proposal. Padgett is the chair of the Wilmington MPO.

After a closer look at the information provided, Padgett asked for more information about the roads that already allow twin trailers in Wilmington. Most of the concerns expressed at the meeting involved acceptable twin trailer roads near the Port of Wilmington.

Those roads were approved in the early 1980s, according to DOT reps.

Anyone interested in adding a comment about the proposal has until July 23 to submit it.

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