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Protesters rally outside of Senator Thom Goolsby's office over controversial abortion bill

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Protesters gathered outside of Senator Thom Goolsby's office Monday to rally against a bill to limit abortion.

SB-695 has already passed in the state senate. Now it's under scrutiny because of the way it was introduced--anti-abortion language was placed into a previously unrelated bill.

Many people at the rally argued that the legislation is unjust because a woman's body is her property to do with what she wants.

"We gotta have these options," said protester Jana Albritton.  "I'm sorry that men don't have to go through it.  It's the woman who does.  It's her body- her choice- her decision."

Another protester claimed Senator Goolsby would not be getting her vote next election season because of this recent legislation.

"Thom, we're not morons," said Erin Rogers.  "We're out here because we care and we're going to keep rallying the voters until election time.  I'm a new constituent and you will not be getting my vote".

Crowds chanted "Not you, not the state, women will decide their fate!"

Thom Goolsby released a statement later writing, "It is the height of irony that on a day when pro-abortion Democrat activists protested a bill to protect women seeking abortions, the latest closure of an unsafe abortion clinic was announced. This clinic is located in Durham, NC."

Goolsby defended the bill writing, "In light of the Pennsylvania first degree murder case against Dr. Gosnel, as well as the Charlotte, Fayetteville and now Durham abortion clinic violations, this new law enacts reasonable safeguards to protect patients. Physicians are required to perform surgical procedures and the Department of Health and Human Services is to develop guidelines for safe clinics."

"Incidentally, the Grand Jury in the Gosnell case recommended both of these changes," wrote Goolsby.

The bill still must pass a vote in the state house before it can be signed into law.

If passed, it would prohibit gender-selective abortions and require a physician to be present during abortion surgeries.

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