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10-year-old honored for saving sister from drowning

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A 10-year-old boy was recognized Monday by New Hanover County Fire Rescue at a special ceremony for saving his younger sister's life last month.

It was just another summer day June 17 until 10-year-old Carson Lewis saw his sister at the bottom of their neighbor's pool.

As Lewis and his sister were getting out of the pool, the adult supervising them turned around, and that's when Lewis noticed 5-year-old Haley Allan needed help.

Without hesitation, Lewis jumped in the pool, swam down and pulled his sister from the bottom of the seven-foot pool.

"I saw her kicking with lots of bubbles coming out of her mouth, so I jumped in and pulled her up," Lewis said.

When asked why he decided he should be the one to jump in to save her, he said, "She is my sister, and I love her."

Haley spent two days in the hospital because of all the water she inhaled; however, she, too was at Monday's award ceremony and is doing fine.

Lewis was surprised at his home when fire officials pulled up in his driveway in a fire truck to give him a ride to the station on Murrayville Road. He was also awarded a certificate and an authentic New Hanover County fireman's hat.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, there is an 89 percent increase in drowning incidents during summer months compared to the rest of the year. In New Hanover County alone, there have been two reports of children nearly drowning in local pools during the past three weeks.

The New Hanover County Fire Department is asking everyone to step up and make sure they are supervising children when they are near any type of water.

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