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Railroad problems cause concerns for some following derailment

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Some people in Wilmington are on edge about railway safety after a massive train derailment in the Love Grove community last week.

After receiving several phone calls and emails into our newsroom about poor railroad conditions in other neighborhoods throughout town, we decided to investigate.

Rotten wood and raised spikes -- that's what you'll find when looking at the railroad tracks near the intersection of 12th and Marstellar Streets in Wilmington.

Tim Waller has lived in the Wilmington area for 40 years, and he's concerned about the safety of the tracks.

"If they [city of Wilmington] can do all the work to beautify Wilmington, it seems like they should make it safe on the railways, because this could kill hundreds," said Waller.

Waller says the poor conditions are responsible for tearing up the bottom of his daughter's car, costing him nearly $1,000 in car repairs.

"I haven't found anybody concerned, and it makes me madder than the devil," Waller said.

A spokesperson from CSX Railways says drivers can report damage from the railroad to their claims department. However, Waller is more concerned now for the next driver who's forced to cross the tracks.

"I want to bring attention to how unsafe the railroads here in Wilmington are," said Waller. "Some haven't been repaired in 20 years."

The City of Wilmington is not responsible for maintaining the railroads in town, according to Malissa Talbert, the Communications Manager for the City of Wilmington. Instead, railroads are under federal purview by whoever the privately owned company is, in this case, CSX.

A spokesperson for CSX says they are aware of the problems and plan to fix the railway issues near the intersection of 12th and Marstellar Streets over the next few weeks.

To report problems with railroad tracks in your neighborhood, click here to contact CSX.

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