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Investigation ongoing into fatal boat collision; 911 call released

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Officials are staying tight-lipped about a fatal boat collision that happened on the Northeast Cape Fear River Thursday.

According to authorities, two boats hit each other head-on near 6800 Olde Bridge Site Road in Pender County.

It is unclear the total number of people that were on the boat, but one person was killed and another was injured.

Wildlife Officers said they were advised by the District Attorney's Office to not release any other details at this time.

Officials have not said if alcohol was involved, nor have they clarified how the two boats crashed.  According to a call into the Pender County 911 Communications Center, two boats hit each other causing one to turn upside and sending people into the water.  

Caller: We are overlooking the river right now. There is a bend in the river and one boat just hit another boat out here and there are people in the water


Dispatch: Can you tell if anyone is injured?

Caller: I can't tell. I mean there were some people in the water. Is that a piece of the boat floating out there? Yeah, the boat broke up when they hit it, I guess.

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