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Bats in the living room!


An East Texas family had quite a scare Sunday evening when several bats suddenly began flying around in their living room in the Penwood Apartments at 502 Scenic Drive in Longview.

Fellipe Soliz and his family sat down to watch television after dinner and things got more exciting than an action movie.

"We just start seeing bats flying around the living room. I thought it was the only one, but we started looking around and we found five more after that," said Fellipe.

Fellipe managed to trap the bats in a room and close the door, then sent his daughter to her room for her safety.

Monday, Longview Animal Control and Raven Services captured two of the bats.

The bats got in because the apartment complex wants them out. Penwood hired Dean Warton, who makes a living in the relocation business. Dean sealed up the building and gave the bats a way out, but not back in. But sometimes they don't like the exit they are supposed to use.

"They're going to follow air flow, they're going to follow light, they're going to do whatever it takes to find their way out of there," Dean said.

And in this case the baby bats found their way out of the attic and into an apartment.

"It was just scary. I haven't seen those things in a long time. I saw them on TV, things like that but it was scary." Fellipe added.

Fillipe's daughter got a high-five from animal control for handling the situation so well.

And the apartment complex? Well, they plan on building bat boxes, a sort of bat apartment, for their flying friends on the edge of the complex. The bats will be expected to pay their own way by eating bugs around Penwood.

The bats have not bitten anyone and some have been sent off for rabies tests. The results are not in yet. If you see bats entering a building you should call animal control. If bats are in your house you should get out and call 911.

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