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Bicyclist injured after being hit by car; police trying to locate driver

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Authorities are trying to get in touch with a driver for questioning after a bicyclist was hit by a car in Wilmington early Wednesday morning.

The victim was riding his bike around 3:30 near South 17th Street and Bloomfield Lane when a car passing him struck the bike's handle bars, causing the bicyclist to spin out and crash, Det. Kevin Smith with the Wilmington Police Department says.

The driver of the vehicle made a U-turn and came back to the crash, asking if the bicyclist was OK. The biker said that he was, so the driver proceeded to leave.

When the victim realized he couldn't ride his bike, he began to push it and noticed he was having pains in his shoulder and head, and had a laceration on his head.

He then walked to the nearest apartment complex and began banging on a door for help. When no one answered, he pulled the fire alarm.

Emergency crews arrived, took the victim to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and conducted a crash report.

Police say that they're not considering the case to be a hit-and-run.

While a description of the vehicle or the driver the victim spoke to hasn't been released, police are trying to reach the driver to get more information for the crash report.

Police note that the victim was wearing all black, and the bicycle he was riding had dim front and back lights.

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