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My Turn: Lawmakers should stick to issues on their platform

(Source: MGN Online/GNU) (Source: MGN Online/GNU)

Gun owners have been setting their sights on me after the "My Turn" segment I did last week suggesting the General Assembly should not be wasting their time on a bill aimed at loosening restrictions on concealed weapons.  They were locked and loaded and firing off multiple emails to me.

Let me clarify.  My point was not to single out the gun rights bill, no matter my feelings one way or another.  My point that was lost to these gun owners is that Republicans rode into office on a platform of fixing our economy, reforming our tax code, and making North Carolina open for business again.

That gun rights bill has about as much to do with that as, say, House Bill 830.

That particular bill, now in the hands of the governor, adopts FIVE new state symbols.  If it's signed into law, you'll be happy to know that "whirligig art" will be considered North Carolina's official state folk art. 

And we still don't have a new tax code.

Now I'm interested to see if the "whirligig art" supporters are as organized as gun owners and decide to take me to task as well.

If so, it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

Regarding your comments tonight (6/25/2013), I agreed with your comments last week on this subject and I agree with you again tonight.  Some people just refuse to admit they get it and prefer to change the subject and attack the messenger.  The NC legislature definitely has not achieved any of the several goals they professed to have during last year's elections.

Are the leaders of the legislature more powerful than the governor, meaning they will not allow our new governor to lead, or is the governor just not leading?  Some people just refuse to be led, which seems to be the case with our current set of legislators, meaning they will do what they can get done, whether it fits within their stated goals, whether it is what their constituents want, or whether it is even worth doing.

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