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My Turn: AMA classifies obesity as a disease

Unless you're one of the "lucky ones," you probably have to watch what you eat or work out a lot.  And in some cases, do both.

Recently, the American Medical Association decided to classify obesity as a disease.  About 1 in 3 adults are considered obese and scores of children are becoming this way too.

We've featured stories on our newscasts of how people are trying to get on a road to better health.  The Biggest Loser that airs on NBC is a very popular program highlighting this also.

It may be hard for someone who doesn't struggle with this to understand.  But it's not as simple as pushing yourself away from the dinner table.  There are hereditary factors involved, bad habits learned, and the need for a lifestyle change that some people really struggle with. 

I'm hopeful the AMA's decision will strengthen the ongoing discussions and awareness of obesity problems.  And as a side benefit, it also might help us come up with some ways of turning those terrible statistics around.

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