'Unprecedented' number of shots fired calls in Wilmington over the weekend

Shots fired into a glass door on 11th Street in Wilmington.
Shots fired into a glass door on 11th Street in Wilmington.
Multiple gunshots were fired at this home.
Multiple gunshots were fired at this home.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Police in Wilmington responded to at least 20 calls of shots fired over the weekend.

One officer called the number of shootings from Friday night to Sunday night "unprecedented."

In some cases, people were shot or shot at, in others, homes or cars were shot into. No serious injuries were reported. But those who were targeted are shaken.

Gary Hines lives on North 11th Street. While Hines, his wife and grandchildren were sleeping, gunmen shot up his home on Friday night.

"They were shooting one after the other," he said. "After the first two, I grabbed my son and grandson and pulled them on the floor and I pulled both of them on the floor and I told my wife, just keep them on the floor."

Hines said police responded within minutes. While officers were at his home, a house just a block away, on North 11th Street, was targeted by triggermen.

"I'm surprised that the cop was on this block and it happened on the next street," Hines said. "The cops were right in front of my house, five or six on this block."

Hines said the police ran to that house, but didn't catch the shooters.

Making matters worse for Hines, the gunman came back on Saturday night and shot up his house again.

His wife fears for her life.

"She gets off her job, she's scared to come to the house," he said. "She thinks someone is going to shoot her. It's sad."

He has a message for the shooters, who he thinks are targeting the home because they're in some sort of dispute with his son.

"I don't care why, I just don't want you coming here shooting up my house," Hines said. "My grandkids live here, my grandkids be here."

We found out these cases are just a few of many being investigated by officers.

According to 911 dispatchers, there were reports of shots fired all over the city this weekend, including one case we covered on Dawson Street, where a car was firing into another car as the two vehicles sped down the street.

Police are trying to get to the bottom of the weekend shooting spree. Officers believe some cases are related to drug and gang activity, while others are random.

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