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My Turn: Workplace violence vs. terrorist attack

I often joke that anything having to do with the government doesn't have to make sense, and I have an example to share and it's not a joking matter. 

I was dumbfounded to learn that Major Nidal Hasan is still getting paid as a member of the military, years 3 ½ years after he killed several, and wounded countless others, in an attack that took place at Fort Hood, Texas. 

The reason he's getting paid is reportedly because he has to be found GUILTY of this crime first.  He could go to trial this summer, nearly four years after the incident.

Yet, people like Carolina Beach native Kim Munley and others injured in the attack can't get full benefits for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That's because the government regards this incident as workplace violence and NOT a terrorist attack.

They're still fighting for what's due them and the man who caused it all keeps getting government checks.

I understand we have a justice system and we should be respectful of that.  But I'm having trouble finding where the justice is in this for those victims and their families.

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