'Revolution' extras reminisce about time spent on show

Members of 'Sgt. Sam's Militia of Background Artists' - source: David Pascua
Members of 'Sgt. Sam's Militia of Background Artists' - source: David Pascua
The group watches 'Revolution' at The Cellar - source: David Pascua
The group watches 'Revolution' at The Cellar - source: David Pascua

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) –When Revolution's season finale airs on Monday, it will be the last episode viewers will see that was filmed in Wilmington.

With Revolution moving to Austin, Texas to film its second season, a small, close-knit group of extras that were cast to play militia members in Wilmington are reflecting on the time they spent working and forging friendships on the show.

"Working on the show, you form a bond with the guys because you work with the same guys over and over, and you're kind of like brothers," said Christopher Gallagher, who worked as an extra on the show.

Gallagher, Glenn Blackwood and Jeff Loveless are just a few of the background actors who have come to be known as members of 'Sgt. Sam's Militia of Background Artists', named for the production assistant in charge of the group, Samantha Marie Clark.

The group quickly became brothers-in-arms.

"It's been a bonding experience," said Loveless. "When it's hot or it's cold and you're sitting in the tent for eight hours, you tend to find out a lot about people."

The group soon started spending more and more time together outside of filming, connecting through Facebook, carpooling to auditions for other productions, and hanging out when not working.

Each was attracted to extra work for different reasons.

"I grew up in Wilmington and I saw the film industry come in the 80's and die off a bit and then I saw it revive itself and I guess I just wanted to support it," said Loveless. "I wanted to go out and be a part of it."

Gallagher said his wife joked that the only reason he worked on the show was for the free food. He gained 15 pounds while working on Revolution.

"The food is great," he said. "Craft services does a great job. Also, I just like being on the set and seeing the whole process."

But for Blackwood, the reason had to do with the economy. He lost his job just before the production started filming.

"I needed to find something else to do to get a little more income and spare money," he said. "You can't really make a living but spare money is spare money. And I've always liked extra work because I always liked being on set. I am a huge fan of films, television, and I always enjoyed that sort of thing."

Blackwood and the others are already working as extras on other locally-filmed productions, like Under the Dome and Tammy.

However, they'll miss working on Revolution.

"It's sad to see Revolution end," said Loveless. "I don't know if the experience is going to technically end because we try to get together on other productions."

On Monday nights, the militia members have gathered at The Cellar in downtown Wilmington to watch Revolution together. Revolution stars Billy Burke and David Lyons have even stopped by to watch an episode or two with the group.

The extras are planning to watch the final episode of the season at The Cellar on Monday, June 3rd at 10:00 p.m.

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