Burgwin-Wright House impresses visiting expert

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The Burgwin-Wright House is ready for some national recognition.

A visiting expert is touring the museum and its gardens this week. It's all a part of the peer review for the American Alliance of Museums.

Mamie Gasperecz, who is the Executive Director for Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses in New Orleans, was selected as the peer for this process.

Gasperecz said that she's working with the staff of the museum as more of a coach than a teacher grading a final exam. During her stay in Wilmington, Gasperecz will review all aspects of the museum including promotions, website and leadership.

As of Thursday, the visiting expert said she's impressed with what she sees.

"There are so many things that this museum does really well, probably even better than some of the museums that I've seen elsewhere in the country," she said.

Staff will be briefed on successful strategies from other museums that are a part of AAM for any area where the museum could be improved. Gasperecz stressed the importance of museums need to remain competitive and sustainable just like any other business.

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