Cummings verdict: Guilty

Just before 6:00 pm on Tuesday, a jury found Paul Cummings guilty of robbery with a dangerous weapon and first degree murder. Now Cummings could face the death penalty.

You could see tears in the eyes of family members of Jane Head when the verdict was read. Cummings killed Head in 2002.

Cummings simply bowed his head when he heard the verdict. He was hoping for a second degree conviction. Now he will face an even tougher court battle in his sentencing hearing.

The same jury that convicted Cummings of first degree murder will now decide if will be sentenced to death or life in prison.

In a court document, Cummings admitted to killing his neighbor, Jane Head, but his defense lawyers argued he wasn't in his right mind, saying he was drunk and on drugs.

It was almost two years ago that Head's daughter found her mothers body in the Dogwood Trailer Park, off Eastwood Road.

The Head family tells WECT News 6 they are relieved, and are ready for the next part of this trial.

Cummings sentencing hearing will begin at 2:00 pm Wednesday.

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Reported By Nicole Konkal