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Locals talk about moving to Hollywood for their big break

Robert Dough Robert Dough
Kathy Sue Holtorf Kathy Sue Holtorf

LOS ANGELES, CA (WECT) - Even though the film industry is booming in Hollywood East, some are leaving the Port City to make it in the movie business.

Robert Dough moved to Los Angeles a year ago to pursue a career in acting.

The UNCW graduate is part of a close crew of Wilmington actors who moved to Hollywood to follow their dreams.

"We're 3000 miles away from where we started but we're doing the same thing," Dough said. "We're with the same people, we're pursuing the same passion."

Dough booked roles in several productions and commercials while working in Wilmington.

Still, Dough was always California dreaming.

"One of the reasons I wanted to move here is because I wanted to be in the middle," he said. "I wanted to be in the big pond cause that's how I feel they were going to grow the most."
It's taken some sacrifice; Dough he lived out of his car for the first few weeks.

"I had a drawer of clothes in my car and just bounced around from couch to couch," he said.

But now, he's a little more settled. He lives in a two bedroom apartment with two other actors from Wilmington. They made the dining room into a bedroom for Dough.

"We constantly have someone staying on the couch and it's awesome because you know, somebody was there for me when I moved out here, and now we have the opportunity to let people have a couple weeks to figure out where to go," he said.

Since moving to LA, he's taken acting classes and landed some roles in small productions but no big break yet. To pay the bills, he's working as a server/bartender.

Dough said his goal is to one day be a working actor.

One of the feature films that Dough's in also stars Kathy Sue Holtorf.

The movie, Deadly Presence, has been bought for distribution.

"My mom always tells the story that when I was four, and your teacher says what do you want to do when you grow up – apparently I said, 'I'm going to Hollywood.' Twenty years later, I did what I said I was going to do when I was four."

For Holtorf, the transition to Hollywood was also tough at first.

"Like when you make any move, you have this much money and there are times when I have $11 in my bank account or 11 cents or negative $11. But there are times when I have a nice little pad."

Now, Holtorf isn't just acting, she's also producing a feature film.

"It is really an industry of feast and famine," she said. "Right now, I'm in a very good place where my last film got sold and I'm off to my next one."

Holtorf said part of what has helped to propel her career in Hollywood are the people she met from Wilmington who are living in LA.

"It's not just a job, it's a family," she said. "It's a community. You can take that family from Wilmington to New York or from Wilmington to Hawaii and it's still going to have that same small town we're roughing it together type of feel."

Have questions for Dough or Holtorf about their big move to Hollywood? We're planning a Google Chat with the two later this week. Stay tuned for details.

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