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Make your yard sale a success story

WILMINGTON,NC (WECT)- Looking for find a bargain or make a buck? As the warmer weather moves through the Cape Fear area, yard sales are popping up at rapid rates around the neighborhood.

However, it can be difficult making the best out of your spring cleaning sale. Below are some tips that might help, from preparing to pricing-- everything you need to know about holding a successful yard sale.

  • Join together with some neighbors for your yard sale if possible. The more stuff, the better sale.

  • Make sure that your yard sale doesn't fall on a holiday weekend. Fridays and Saturdays are best.

  • Plan it for a day that gives you plenty of time to get ready.

  • Schedule a yard sale or garage sale around the first of the month because that's when people have the most money.

  • Check the 10-day forecast and make sure it won't be raining.

  • Consider a pre-sale the Friday night before and invite your friends and coworkers. You may get rid of some bigger items that way.

  • If you have tons of a certain item (kids clothes or toys), consider a set price for filling a bag.

  • Have a "Free" box for items you are anxious to get rid of and that don't seem to have much value. Put it near the road to draw people in.

  • Price lots of items under $1. Price most things under $5.

  • If a price is not negotiable, put "Firm" on the price tag.

  • Separate your clothes according to size.

  • If you have any fragile, rare or expensive items such as crystal, cut glass or jewelry, be sure they are displayed on a sturdy table and up high out of reach of kids.

  • Be sure you have electrical outlets nearby to plug in any electronics to show buyers that they work.

  • Attract men to your sale by putting "man" items (e.g. lawnmower, electronics, computer items) near the front.

  • Put the bigger stuff towards the front so they can be clearly seen as people drive by.

  • Post a sign that says "All Sales Final."

  • Keep your dog inside or away from the yard sale.

  • Make sure that you have lots of change! Especially quarters, one and five dollar bills.

  • Accept cash only. If someone doesn't have enough cash on them, offer to hold the item for them for a certain period of time. Keep your money safe and on you at all times.

  • Greet your customers. Make them feel welcome. Don't hover over people, but don't ignore them either. Be approachable.

  • Have bags handy for people who purchase multiple items. Use saved grocery bags - paper and plastic (recycle). A few empty boxes would be nice too. Have newspapers handy for wrapping fragile items.

  • Keep a calculator handy for adding items up. Write down the items that you sold and for how much you sold them.

  • Drop your prices in the afternoon. If someone makes an offer on an item that you aren't ready to come down on, offer to take their name and number in case you don't sell it during the yard sale.


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