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Student-athletes voice concern over proposed UNCW cuts

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - In the wake of proposed athletic cuts at UNCW on Wednesday, student-athletes were left wondering what the landscape of their college future would look like.

With their fate in the hands of Chancellor Gary Miller, who has the final say in the matter, the swimming and diving teams face the most drastic cut.

Based on the current roster for the program, 56 student-athletes would be left without a sport. In total, 117 could be effected across all five programs.

"It's really hard to see it in writing, and that it is coming." said rising senior swimmer Matt Byrd. "And this might be the end of a great dynasty that we have here."

The men's program has won 12 consecutive CAA Championships.

"The only thing that I can see is that we are an expensive sport, but we have a large number of athletes for that expense."

And it's a group that says they are not going down without a fight. Soon after word came out about the recommendations many student-athletes took to the various social media sites to express their concern. Online petitions have been created by both the softball and swimming and diving teams as well as a Facebook page that had eclipsed 5,000 members by late Wednesday.

"We are going to do all we can to save all the programs not just swimming and diving." said rising junior swimmer Nick Lowe.

Based on Wednesday's report, any current or incoming freshman who would be part of one of the effect teams, would have the scholarship honored in full through graduation.

"I want to finish my degree here; I want the diploma that says UNCW. And I want to finish my four years swimming here under head coach Dave Allen." said Lowe.

Rising senior Michael Barick is willing to pay more if it helps keep his program on campus.

"I am on scholarship, but it's not the most important thing. I would give up my scholarship if we could keep the team." 

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