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Attorney General Roy Cooper addresses marines about fraud

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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WECT) – State Attorney General Roy Cooper addressed a group of marines at Camp Lejeune in part of initiative called, "Scam Jam."

The objective of the seminar was to educate marines and their spouses on the risks of fraud and preventative measures to take to protect yourself and your money.

"Being young, unsophisticated with finances, away from home for the first time and with a steady pay check, makes for an attractive target for a scam artist," said Cooper. "You also have that family member working to keep all the finances straight and may even have less sophistication than the person in the military. So it does extend to the military families, not just the service men and women."

Cooper mentioned a number of schemes con-artists use to target marines and other members of the military, including the "taxi scam," offering fake college degrees and certificates, and methods of stealing money through mortgages and lending.

Col. Palmer of Camp Lejeune says that marines are briefed regularly and go through extensive course training to better protect the service men and women. A legal team is also available to the marines if they need counsel.

Officials say if you believe that you or someone you know has been targeted of a domestic threat, report what happened immediately to the authorities.

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