Five minute warning: are you prepared if disaster strikes?

(WECT) – If a natural disaster strikes – would you be ready? Think about what you would grab if you only had five minutes to prepare.

We put two families to the test to see if they knew what items to take for survival in a disaster.

It's not always easy to stay calm in these types of situations which can make it easy to forget important things.

The Davies were put to the #5minute test to see if they could stand the pressure. The family frantically rushed around the house gathering everything they thought they would need.

"Get your toothbrush Ressey! C'mon! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

While the family managed to grab some food, they were missing the number one thing on the survival checklist – water. They also forgot to grab a can opener to go with the non-perishables they gathered.

And that's kind of the point of this exercise – remembering if you have a can opener in the heat of the moment is tough to do.

It's one thing to give the #5minute test to a stranger, but we thought it would be fun to pay a surprise visit to one of our anchors. As a media outlet, we're always telling people to be prepared for disaster, but are we practicing what we preach?

Let's see how Carolina in the Morning's Kim Ratcliff did when she was put to the #5minute test.

Just 20 minutes after being home from anchoring WECT News at Midday, First Alert Meteorologist Colin Hackman paid Kim a visit.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked.

"We are here to do a test," Colin explained. "You have five minutes to prepare yourself for a disaster. You need to gather everything you can to be able to survive for three days for you, Bill and Hunter. Ready? Set. Go!"

Kim quickly sprang into action and grabbed water first and then went for the food.

"I'm worried about eating, that's my biggest thing," said Kim as she pulled items from the kitchen.

Kim was doing very well – she was on track going down the checklist. As she took clothes from the closets, Colin wondered if Kim would remember a cell phone charger, other important documents, or even a first aid kit.

Kim said she purposely didn't grab the paperwork because the room of her house that it is stored was messy.

"I started to go that way and I thought, 'There is no way I'm bringing a camera into this room,'" Kim explained.

While there was enough water and food for Kim's family, at this point her family was not all in one location. How would they all get back together? Admittedly, a meet-up plan is not something Kim had thought about.

What you are going to do if there is a disaster? Where are you going to meet? What are you going to do?  How are you going to get out of your house?  These are all really important things that to talk about.

The American Red Cross suggests everyone have a go bag, packed and ready to go at all times. When it comes to finding what items should go in your disaster supply kit, there are several quality resources like the Red Cross and NOAA.

The First Alert Weather Team, however, wants to make it as simple as possible for you to equip your kit without breaking the bank. Click here to see the list they suggest to give yourself the best opportunity to survive any situation.

Here's an added bonus for you – click here to see additional items First Alert Meteorologist Colin Hackman has in his kit.

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